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Andres Pedreda

Andres Pedreda


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Profile Overview

Andrés is partner in charge of the Property Administration Department and has

more than 20 years of experience in the sector. He is an expert in Real Estate Law, Horizontal Property Law, real estate valuations and is a criminal lawyer registered in the Turno de Oficio de Barcelona.

He is also a member of the Barcelona Bar Association, the Barcelona and Lérida Association of Property Administrators. He is also a member of the Barcelona Association of Real Estate Agents.

He is a legal expert in the Professional Associations of Property Administrators of Barcelona and Lérida and of Real Estate Agents. He is also a lecturer at the Barcelona Association of APIs in the AICAT (Real Estate Agents of Catalonia) and Wealth Management courses. He also acts as a national arbitrator in real estate dispute resolutions and is a national legal advisor.

Throughout his career, Andrés has always said that “the best lawyer is not the one who takes you into a long and costly litigation, but the one who avoids it“.


Successful cases

Industrial Accident
Claim for industrial accident against one of the most important developers in the country, achieving a compensation of more than 1.2M€ for their client.

Shopping Centre Accident
Claim for an accident in a shopping centre in 2015, obtaining the maximum possible compensation.

Municipal School Accident Claim
He was the defence lawyer for a minor who suffered an accident at a municipal school in Barcelona, filing a claim against the Barcelona Education Consortium.

Coordinated and defended one of the most important multinationals in telecommunications, obtaining favourable rulings in the proceedings in which he participated.