GAMA Membership Information

  • Membership of the GAMA provides a unique opportunity for you to participate in and influence the development and growth of mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution. By choosing to become a member of the GAMA you will join a growing number of companies of all shapes and sizes, as well as individuals with an interest in this industry.

    Benefits of membership

    Becoming a member of the GAMA is really about providing you with an opportunity to contribute to the development and growth of mediation and the chance to have a voice in the key debates that are presently underway.

    Publicity: GAMA is committed to promoting the mediation and arbitration industry, the services available, benefits to business and member profile information. Through a network of events, partnerships and public relations you will also have the opportunity to promote your organisation to other members and the public.

    Representation: The views of GAMA members are presented to major players in the industry and governmental bodies.
    Participation: Members are able to discuss their experiences and needs with other members in similar situations which can further your development in professional knowledge. It also allows members to contribute and be a part of the growth of our Industry.
    Visibility: By listing our members on the website, individuals with a need for the services of a mediator are able to search for a best matching provider.
    Information: Learn about the key industry trends and/or issues and the work that is being done to address them.

    Eligibility for membership

    membership of the GAMA promises to remain an important voice at the heart of all that is new and growing in our profession. Membership of the GAMA is open to individual mediators and to mediation provider organisations practicing anywhere in the world.