Service standards

  • A positive, consultative approach to business – and a common commitment to excellent client service: That’s what consumers of legal services can expect when they hire a WLFA firm.  And because WLFA firms are closely integrated, they can also offer coordinated service across jurisdictions.

  • Working with WLFA firms is a predictably efficient and positive experience because of our well-defined selection process. WLFA selects independent, mid-sized firms that are flexible, accommodating and attentive. WLFA firms adhere to specific client service standards for engagement, communication, reporting, documentation and billing, including:

    • Acknowledgment of client communications within 24 hours
    • Preliminary estimate of fees and basis for rate
    • Providing a range for disbursement charges and currency for payment
    • Issuing a standard letter of engagement
    • Agreement on client’s requirements for status reporting
    • Submitting billing statements for work performed, according to client’s requirements.
    • Offering an English-speaking administrator and voicemail or messaging service in English