Bench-marked Quality

  • Local counsel and consistent quality — across 50+ countries

    The WLFA Quality Assurance Program includes:

    • Rigorous screening before inviting members to join the alliance;
    • Continuous monitoring for quality of service, reflected in a Satisfaction Index score, along with client performance feedback that is available online, and;
    • Regular recertification to ensure member firms maintain practice capabilities and client satisfaction, and adhere to WLFA policies.
  • Now businesses and consumers can navigate transnational legal issues with confidence. The WLFA model is the assurance of consistent quality across 50+ countries covering all of WLA Regional formations. Working with WLFA firms is a predictably efficient and positive experience because WLFA selects independent, mid-sized firms that are flexible, accommodating and attentive. Wherever you find a WLFA firm, you’ll find legal experts that share a positive, consultative approach to business and a common commitment to excellent client service.

    Engage any WLFA firm around the world with complete confidence. Our extensive due diligence process ensures value and saves you time in validating law firm credentials and experience. In fact, WLFA’ membership policies and our code of ethics often exceed local professional guidelines. Only firms performing under the tenets of WLFA’ uniquely comprehensive Quality Assurance Program are allowed to maintain membership, ensuring that clients receive the same high quality legal work and service from every WLFA firm.

    Next door or halfway around the world, WLFA is your assurance of consistent quality and proven value. Find qualified lawyers by searching here, calling a WLFA law firm directly, or by contacting WLFA headquarters at +91 9999025150