WIPA Mentoring Program

Rapidly changing technology, protocol and legislation is one big inherent challenge for IP Professionals.

WIPA has a Mentoring program for its membership, connecting seasoned IP professionals with newer WIPA members. The purpose of the mentoring relationships is to advance the career of the mentees in the field, as well as prepare the mentees for leadership positions within WIPA.

The Mentoring Committee facilitates the formal mentoring of WIPA members by connecting them in these voluntary mentoring relationships.

Mentoring under the WIPA Mentoring Program includes:

  • A number of uninterrupted mentoring sessions in a frequency at the convenience of the Mentor and the Mentee
  • During the Mentoring sessions, the mentor assists and guides the mentee With intellectual property career topics of interest to the the mentee and optionally, in other situations where the mentee needs coaching or direction