WLA Women Lawyers Network

  • Choosing law as a profession is not an easy road to follow. It has some additional difficulties for women, primarily because of the culture that has developed within the practice of the law and the male dominated hierarchy within private firms involving few senior women.

  • Traditionally, there has been a belief that the proportion of women practicing law and holding senior positions will increase as a direct result of the increasing number of female graduates and junior lawyers. However, this filter effect regarded by some as inevitable, is not happening. Although the number of women practicing law at junior levels has proportionately increased, the number practicing at senior levels has not.

    There are clearly many women (and some men) lawyers who consider that there are significant gender related workplace and career issues that need to be addressed. Whether it be sexual harassment, lack of flexibility in work practices, or an entrenched workplace culture which excludes women from many of the client contact and career advancement opportunities, there does seem to be a gap.

    WLA Women Lawyers Network is primarily concerned with issues relating to the practice and advancement of women in the legal profession. WLA Women Lawyers Network works to eliminate both direct and indirect discrimination against women in the legal system and the administration of justice, so that the legal system is more responsive to women’s needs. WLA Women Lawyers Network aims to assist female lawyers in achieving a satisfying, successful professional life whatever their particular and personal definition of success might be.

  • The objectives of WLA Women Lawyers Network are to:

    • create and enhance awareness of women’s contribution to the practice and development of the law;
    • provide a professional and social network for women lawyers;
    • achieve justice and equality for all women;
    • further understanding of and support for the legal rights of all women;
    • identify, highlight and eradicate discrimination against women in law and in the legal system;
    • advance equality for women in the legal profession;
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    The affairs of WLA Women Lawyers Network are conducted by a Committee of Management (“the Executive Committee”). The Executive Committee is accountable to the members of WLA. The conduct of the Executive Committee is governed by the Constitution. In addition to the Constitution, the Executive Charter assists and guides members of the Executive Committee in the performance of their roles and provides a framework for ensuring the Executive Committee is accountable to members of WLA Women Lawyers Network.

    The Executive Committee comprises:

    Three elected members – The Chair, co-chair and any other members as may be appointed from time to time.

    To be a member of the Executive Committee you must be a member of WLA  and be committed to the objectives of WLA . Nominations for election to the Executive Committee (for positions other than Committee Chairs) are sought prior to the Annual General Meeting.