International Law Students Union (ILSU)

  • International Law Students Union (ILSU) is dedicated to the academic, social, and professional development of its members, the institutions that impart legal education and organisations that provide career opportunities to students globally. A part of World Law Alliance, the ILSU will be a student run organisation of highly ambitious, academically driven and internationally minded student members.

  • The goal of the ILSU is to provide its members with information and access to international career opportunities as well as the chance to participate in programs and events designed to facilitate and foster interests in, and awareness of, international legal issues. The ILSU also endeavor to address the specific concerns and issues faced by international students.

    The ILSU is responsible for providing effective representation of law student opinion at all levels, increasing student involvement, protecting student rights, and promoting high standards of ethics and professional conduct. Through global partnerships and events during the year, the ILSU fulfills its vision to expose students to opportunities to work and network beyond their country of origin.

    Why join the ILSU?

    World Law Alliance,  is offering membership to students  studying law in law schools across the globe. The ILSU is designed to enrich the educational experience of students. With members from over 70 countries the ILSU is going to be a vibrant and diverse organisation which allows students, from around the world, to communicate with one another whilst learning more about the legal profession and the latest developments in international law.

    Understanding the profession

    ILSU membership is a fantastic way for students to familiarize themselves with future employers, partners and associates and their work.

    Benefits from student-specific ILSU projects

    The ILSU will provide resources and information specifically for students. Student members will be given the opportunity to have their work published: the ILSU is currently accepting submissions for ‘International Bar Notes’, a collection of short online articles, as well as contributions for the first issue of the Student Committee Newsletter. Students will be able to enter competitions, submit questions for vocational interviews, participate in group projects and join in with discussion boards; as well as being provided with information about exciting internships within the ILSU.

    The primary student membership is free. Apply for student membership here