Why Join WLA’s Legal Aid Register?

Why Pro Bono?

There are many reasons lawyers give their time to represent low-income clients on a pro bono basis. The need for pro bono legal assistance is enormous – an estimated 80% of low-income people have unmet civil legal needs. The Rules of Professional Conduct tell us we should do pro bono. The Courts support pro bono as a way to expand access to justice for those in need and mitigate the impact on the court system of increasing numbers of pro se litigants. But, for many attorneys, the most compelling reason is the personal and professional satisfaction they get from pro bono work.

Why WLA?

High Quality Referrals
WLA staff carefully screen cases prior to referral to Legal Aid Register members. With each case referred, panel attorneys receive a detailed memo summarizing the case and identifying the presenting issues. WLA also assesses the complexity of cases so that simpler cases are referred to less experienced attorneys and more challenging cases go to more seasoned practitioners.