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Have you always wanted to be a published writer?

  • The WLA provide the perfect opportunity! The authors can be practicing attorneys, law students, and anyone who can provide a unique legal perspective.

    • Case updates
    • New/proposed legislation
    • News and trends in your area of practice
    • Book/product reviews
    • Letter to the editor

    Build your resume – Each year thousands of new lawyers enter the workforce. And with jobs diminishing firms can afford to demand the best and brightest. Publishing is critical to standing out in the crowd. So whether you’re looking for a job or want to prove your indispensability, getting published is essential.

    See your name in print – Admit it—there’s just something thrilling about having your name published. And when thousands of your peers see it, isn’t that even better?

    Market your firm – Advertising can be expensive, but with your byline you can give your firm exposure and boost its reputation among other lawyers—free!

    Use what you already know – Chances are you’ve written a brief or summary of a current case. Why not publish it and help other attorneys benefit from the work you’ve done?

    Raise your profile – The more you do, the more opportunities arise. Authors are commonly viewed as leaders on their subject and therefore invited to speak at CLE programs.


    Length – There is no minimum or maximum length for articles in most WLA newsletters.

    Editing – articles will be edited for clarity and style.

    Endnotes and citations – Citations should adhere to the following formats EXACTLY (periods and spaces are very important):

    Summary – Include a very brief one- or two-sentence summary of your article, preferably 25 words or fewer.

    Biography – Include a biography of yourself, including your e-mail address unless you don’t want it published.

    Copyright – The Association requires all newsletter authors to sign our author release form. The forms provide WLA with a non-exclusive license to publish and post on our Web site. The author retains the rights to his or her article, and can publish elsewhere at any time.

    E-mail your article : info@worldlawalliance.com