WLA Membership Benefits

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Membership in WLA opens up a world of opportunity. Regardless of firm size, practice area, or years of experience,WLA can provide you with the information, resources, programming and opportunities you need to develop business, practice efficiently, and become a better lawyer.

Get access to knowledge, networks and resources that can help you to improve your work and advance your career. Gain instant access to and become a part of a network of legal professionals from over 100 jurisdictions around the world. Develop businesses and strengthen connections in your own and other countries. Learn the latest developments in international law through the WLA’s high quality publications, magazines and journals.


    1Subscribe to the WLA world Q&A Engine (FREE for members in 2014)

    Inclusion Fee for Non- Members: USD 50 for one year plus service charge on each case managed through Q&A Engine.

    2Join the WLA Global Knowledge Repository (FREE for members in 2014)

    Gain by not having to reinvent solutions by spending mega bucks and the most valuable asset of the professional “his time”.
    Knowledge created by one entity or professional  is entered into the repository so that it can be retrieved and reused by others or same person without the cost of its reinvention. The person offering the  it knowledge have the option to either offer it free or for a consideration of value in terms of cost or exchange of other knowledge or service. The processes leading to knowledge reuse consist of capturing knowledge, packaging knowledge for reuse, and distributing knowledge.

    3Use the WLA JOBLINK – Job Board and Career Center

    Offers free heavily subsidized job posting option to the employers and to provide free job search to the prospective members, with add-on value by giving them the advice on the new job changes absolutely free.) the free advice will be on the subjects like: Should you really change? The old employer vs. the new, The overall careers growth rating with or without a change etc

    4Subscribe to the – Legal Documents on Demand Service  (FREE for members in 2014)

    If you have a pressing legal matter and you require a swift, cost effective solution, all you need is access to the internet and email. WLA Online Legal Services brings the solicitor to you via the internet at an online price with the flexibility to match. This service saves you time and money! You do not have to take time out to visit us or worry about expensive high street Lawyer costs.

    5Get listed in the Global Legal-Aid Register (FREE for members in 2014)

    6Participate in the WLA Mentoring Program (FREE for members in 2014)

    Finding a mentor is one of the most important things a new or growing professional can do in WLA. Cultivating a mentor can be difficult – it takes finding the right person. A number of local highly experienced professionals have volunteered to be mentors and we envisage that being mentored will be of particular value to anyone who is learning and growing

    7Get value deals and discounts in the WLA Members Marketplace

    Browse our comprehensive member discount program offering you reduced rates on products and services for your business, insurance, financial, and personal needs.

    8Leverage the WLA Member Mark & Member Firm Mark  (FREE for members in 2014)

    By showing others that you are a member of the World Law Alliance?  Membership means you’ll be recognized as someone who is:Serious about professional and personal development, Enthusiastic about good practices, Dedicated to practicing your profession in an ethical manner. All of these factors give you an edge and distinguish you to employers, colleagues and stakeholders.

    9Get listed in WLA Mediation & Arbitration Center (FREE for members in 2014)

    For anyone who is or wishes to be a mediator can list in this exclusive woeld directory of mediators and arbitrators

    10Enjoy rebates on events, conferences and meetings

    By getting member rebate on not just WLA events and initiatives, but also from hundreds of events worldwide through our partners

    11Get listed in the World Law Directory for Public (FREE for members in 2014)

    Inclusion in WLA’s Directory with averages 300,000 hits per month

    12Build a comprehensive Online Profile of your law firm (FREE for members in 2014)

    Have a comprehensive profile of your law firm, Integrate it with your social media and the profiles of all the partners of your firm. Show a live stream of answers, ratings and much more, which you dont find anywhere else. Individual dynamic profile of all the partners and members of your firm seamlessly integrated with your firms profile. A dynamic profile of your firm that integrates your partners, staff and your social media network

    13Have your own comprehensive professional profile (FREE for members in 2014)

    Have a profile which has a sections to display each aspect of your profile credential. Customize and update your profile as many times as you may want. Integrate your profile with your personal social media pages on Linkedin, Facebook and twitter.

    14Create your own Blog on the WLA website (FREE for members in 2014)

    Post articles, video presentations and much more

    15Post your events, webinars in WLA events directory (FREE for members in 2014)

    Are you participating in any event? or are speaking, or maybe organising your own event, webinar or conference. WLA events directory is for you. You can any number of events as you want, absolutely FREE.

    16Use the WLA calls and announcements section (FREE for members in 2014)

    You can not just post your calls and announcements for all, but this announcement also becomes a part of several communication vehicles used by WLA. So, why wait, post your calls and announcements now.

    17Participate in Special awards and rating programs (FREE)

    acknowledging the best-of-the-best in specific practices.

    18Contribute with your content for the Monthly newsletter (FREE)

    with the latest information on events, opportunities and upcoming workshops

    19Use the Members only website to manage all membership services in one account (FREE)


    Ease the struggle for talent

    The supply of talent – in both developed and emerging markets – is not keeping pace with demand. the collaborative shared platforms and open source knowledge sharing system within WLA alliance eases the struggle for talent.

    Build your knowledge resources

    In a professional services firm, value creation is primarily based on the intellectual capital, the knowledge and information, which the firm possess and the delivery mechanism of that knowledge to clients.

    Build operational efficiency by developing and nurturing the core competence

    gain opportunities for creating uniqueness in offerings to clients in virtually everything. The basis for a firm competitive strategy is largely client-oriented and externally focused. If the clients can see no added benefit or advantage from selecting a particular firm, then that firm is not likely to develop a winning competitive edge.

    Enhance client retention ability

    clients can outgrow firms, move away from the locality, or change jobs, so fresh relationships need constantly to be forged and new clients sought. Some client loyalties are to individual professionals rather than the firm, so they can be lost if the partner leaves, retires or dies. key clients, once lost for all these reasons, may become impossible to replace.

    Get that depth and breadth of expertise and resources

    larger commercial clients are looking for depth in both expertise and resources. A single partner or small team in the heavy-lifting areas of commercial and corporate law does little to impress corporations.

    Get the international reach and client servicing resources

    build ability and efficiencies to offer more effective services to clients in different locations and practices by raising the international capabilities through cooperation with other member firms.

    Find new business opportunities

    the ability to identify, engage, convert and cultivate clients in a systematic and organized way to maximize revenues and minimize loss to the competition,
    Build ability and efficiencies to offer more effective services to clients in different locations and practices by raising the international capabilities through cooperation with other member firms

    Build Referrals

    Significant value is realized when work is referred from one member to another. On the receiving side, there is work to do. On the sending side, there is a stress-free handoff of a client’s work to a WLA firm that is known and trusted.

    WLA works to eliminate the stresses usually attached to handing off your client’s work to another firm.
    As a result, good cases across all practice areas that require experienced legal minds continue to be passed between WLA members.

    Enhance Your Ability to Serve Clients

    manage information readiness to offer targeted and effective solutions to your clients
    Respond to client’s needs with first class services. Worldwide Resource of Information