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For Professionals

Eligibility: Graduate from an accredited institution having less than three years of professional experience.

Eligibility: Graduate from an accredited institution having three or more years of professional experience.

For Firms, Companies, Organisations, Institutions

Any company eligible for corporate membership.

For other Individual Membership Categories

Individuals other than licensed practitioners employed in a related field or discipline such as planning, LPO, discovery, technical, paralegal, investigative OR a supplier or manufacturer of products or services to the legal profession.

Enrolment in special rate and free categories

Free for Academia in Mentors Club

Law Professors, Scholars, Researchers and Teachers. Engaged in full-time teaching of the law at any accredited law school or college and are open for mentor ship on a volunteering basis.

Enrolled in an accredited legal program leading to an undergraduate or graduate degree or certificate in law. Support information and documents of full time enrollment required.

Free for outstanding Achievers, Veterans, Retired Jurists in the Honorary Members Club (FREE TYPE-2)

Eligibility: Persons having distinctive accomplishment in lawyering or science or industry or research or public service and those allied pursuits beneficial to the legal pofessioon.(Supporting documents required).