DUES Waivers and Rebate

  • The Dues Waiver is intended to help members by providing assistance to individuals whose financial circumstances are such that full payment of membership dues would pose a financial hardship. Situations which would merit a dues waiver include:

    • unemployment or income constraints
    • time out from practice for family or health reasons
    • reduced income based upon extraordinary practice or business losses
    • retired from work due to age
  • Current or prospective members are eligible to apply for dues waivers. Those who wish to apply for a dues waiver must complete the application and sign the certification. All dues waiver applications are treated confidentially.

    The Dues Waiver operates on an annual basis, and may be terminated at the close of any calendar year. Dues Waiver Program participants are entitled to all WLA benefits of membership as provided under the bylaws.

    How are dues waivers determined?

    After determining the regular Association membership dues amount, applicants may apply for a 25 percent or 50 percent waiver. All dues waiver applicants are requested to pay a minimum of one-half the regular dues for their membership category. Applicants should submit a note explaining the reason for their request and complete the certification. In exceptional circumstances, where even these reduced dues levels prove difficult, applicants must submit a note with this application that explains their extenuating circumstances, and suggest whatever payment is manageable.