Student Representatives

  • Student representatives are expected to attend quarterly board meetings, fulfill their job description, and conduct the business of the Association in accordance with  By-Laws. They will participate in the decision-making process to fulfill the mission of the Association, serve on other committees as requested by the President, and interpret Board policies and decisions to Association membership with special focus on their respective student population statewide.

  • TERM:

    One Year


    Represent the Membership as a voting member of the Board of Directors.
    Assume other duties as assigned by the President.
    Represent the association and profession as appropriate, especially to BSW and MSW students.
    Serve on at least one Board committee or task force, with special consideration to the Marketing and Membership committee


    Attend and prepare for all Board meetings.
    Participate in WLA activities.
    Conduct the business of the association in accordance with  bylaws.
    Participate in the decision making process to fulfill the mission of the association.

    All members of the Board are expected to make a financial contribution to the association as part of the association’s fund raising
    activities. The amount of the contribution is solely at the discretion of the individual and will not be made public.


    Member of WLA
    Active in WLA, preferred.