WLA Fellows

  • WLA fellows are distinguished scholars with a proven and recognized research record in the field of regional law during a considerable part of their career.  Such honorary members of the WLA are appointed after a careful nomination and selection procedure, based on a broad consultation of the WLA membership.

  • The WLA fellowship is a world-wide sign of law recognition that is bestowed on a regional lawyer with outstanding research credentials in his/her field. The WLA fellowship does not imply any obligation to the Association, although it is expected that fellows on a voluntary basis will serve the law profession objectives of the WLA whenever possible or appropriate.

    Regional law has over the past decade witnessed a great increase in scholarly interest and law profession publications all over the world. To create a vital Association, it is therefore critical that senior members – and, in particular, WLA fellows – act as a role model, in particular for a younger generation. The WLA membership should have the highest expectations on – and appreciation for – its fellows, given their past seminal research contributions.

    WLA fellows may contribute to the fulfillment of the goals of the Association by offering a law profession service or incentive to its members through various means, such as:

    • Organization of early-bird (breakfast) meetings, luncheon meetings or late afternoon drinks meetings with a small group of young researchers, based on an open subscription/application system, in which informal presentations (5-10 minutes) are held by young researchers (‘meet the professor’ meetings).
    • Organization of a solid pre-conference special session at any major WLA conference, with a balanced mix of seniors (in particular, WLA fellows) and juniors (‘rising stars’), where fellows and rising stars present recent research work (in the long run, even joint senior-junior research work could be foreseen).
    • Organization of short ‘next gen’ training courses, prior to any major conference.
    • Organization of an WLA column by a fellow in any issue of the WLA Newsletter (of course, after consultation of the Newsletter editors).
    • Any meeting or panel at conferences needs to be done in consultation with the conference organizers.

    Nomination and Selection Protocol of WLA Fellows

    Each WLA member – except WLA fellows – is entitled to nominate candidates for the WLA fellowship, but self-nominations are not allowed. Each nomination has to be done through a standard concise nomination form that follows a systematic template, which can be downloaded from the WLA website.

    A nominee has to be WLA member (or a member of any section recognized by the WLA) and to meet the qualifications mentioned.

    The selection of new WLA fellows takes place only once a year, but nominations can be sent in at any time and will be considered for a given selection round, if they have been received before a given deadline. A nomination has a maximum life of two years.

    All nominations will be put on a list supplemented with non-elected candidates for the WLA fellowship who were on the short list from the previous year.

    The short list will be screened by the WLA fellows selection committee (in consultation with the WLA director). This committee comprises 3 WLA fellows appointed by the WLA Council for a period of 2-year terms. The selection committee has to seriously consider all available information on the candidates and can remove candidates (unanimous vote) who do not qualify.

    The selection committee can also decide to reduce the list of nominated WLA members to a manageable number, so that candidates can be selected with a qualified majority. This short list should normally not contain more than 10 to 12 names.

    The short list is next circulated to all WLA fellows, who have the exclusive right to vote for (a maximum of) 3 candidate-fellows. No ranking of candidates is allowed.

    The selection committee can put an upper ceiling on the maximum number of candidates to be selected in a given year, if circumstances dictate so.

    A vote of at least 1/3 will normally mean election, unless that would exceed the ceiling.

    The selection committee informs the WLA Director of the final selection results, who will communicate these results to the selected WLA fellows and the WLA Council.

    1. Standard Nomination Form for WLA Fellows
    2. Factual bio-data on candidate, including a proof for WLA membership
    3. Professional career of candidate (max. 100 words)
    4. Substantive contribution to regional law (max. 200 words)
    5. Path-breaking publications on regional law (max. 5)
    6. Signs of international recognition (max. 50 words)
    7. Reasons for nominating the candidate (max. 50 words)

    To ensure full consideration by the committee, these materials should be provided in electronic format (pdf preferred) by January 31, 2014 to Chair 2014 Fellows Election Committee at:   fellows@worldlawalliance.com