Awards, Grants and Scholarships

  • To honor people and institutions, the World Law Alliance and its affiliated partners will shortly introduce the first year awards program that recognizes distinguished service to legal community.

  • Professional Recognition Awards

    Given to individuals, groups or organizations that have shown outstanding leadership in one of the many areas of great importance to the mission and goals of the WLA.

    Grants & Fellowships

    A variety of grants and fellowships that provide funding or material support for present or future activities. Grants may be offered to support the planning and implementation of programs, aid in the preparation of a dissertation or other publications, and to promote research. Grants are also given to support travel to conferences, such as the WLA Annual Conference, or other events that can broaden an individual’s experience or education in law.


    The World Law Alliance (WLA) is committed to promoting and advancing the legal profession. To demonstrate this commitment, the WLA and its units will facilitate over $100,000 annually for scholarships in law studies.

    Recommended Lists (“Best of”)

    Lists developed by the units of WLA to highlight professionals and organizations that emulate the “best of” a particular practice, specialism, industry, targeted population group, or type.