Why WLA Lawyer referral service?

I want peace of mind!

Just as in the case of serious surgery or medical treatments, you may want an accomplished business lawyer working on an important business legal matter, to give you peace of mind and to ensure that all possible solutions have been considered. WLA Lawyer referral service may see the matter differently from you or your existing counsel. Our advice to you may provide you with additional assurance that your existing lawyer is doing a good job, under the circumstances. On the other hand, WLA Lawyer referral service may have a different view and, if so, we will communicate that clearly and you will be able to consider it.

My lawyer seems overwhelmed.

What you may need is a business law specialist, given the size or complexity of your matter, transaction or litigation. Just as in any other field, sometimes a professional with more specialization can provide much better service. Examples include acquisitions and divestitures, corporate restructurings, exotic ventures, and complicated contract and licensing transactions, as well as large equity and debt financings. Also, WLA Lawyer referral service can offer team services with existing counsel, if that becomes your preference.

My lawyer is not prompt.

Your lawyer may be too busy to handle the matter as promptly as you like. WLA Lawyer referral service may be able to provide options for faster results and meet deadlines.

My lawyer should be fighting harder.

WLA Lawyer referral service will review your matter objectively and give you the view on how your current lawyer is proceeding. Sometimes it is best to fight hard, and sometimes it is best to negotiate reasonably and pleasantly, and there are endless variations to this dance, depending on all of the facts and circumstances and the complexity of the matter. At the core of each transaction and dispute is an ideal negotiation process, and determining that best process is often difficult. In short, that is why lawyers call their profession the “practice” of law, i.e., they are always practicing. Nevertheless, WLA Lawyer referral service will provide you with judgment on the pros and cons of the course chosen by your attorney and on other potential courses.

My lawyer has a conflict of interest.

Generally, a lawyer is obligated to disclose to his or her client any material conflict of interest that could affect the legal advice, and this conflict should be disclosed in writing to you and waived in writing by you. WLA Lawyer referral service can assist you in assessing whether a serious conflict of interest exists and in taking the next steps, if appropriate.

My lawyer is too expensive.

We can help you consider the terms of the retention, review your attorney’s bills and then give you our view on the matter and our estimate.