• The World Law Alliance in the European Region

    WLA is the global alliance of law. The WLA in Europe (WLA/Europe) is one of WLA’s six regional formations around the world. WLA European Region, which comprises 53 countries, covering a vast geographical region from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. WLA/Europe will comprise of legal, advocacy and law experts, who will be based in the main office to be setup by its first Regional Governing Board with assistance from WLA and other formations in 29 Regional Chapters.

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  • Governance

    The World Governing Council is the supreme decision-making body for WLA, supported in its work by the Executive Board.

    Within the European Region, the WLA Regional Governing Board for Europe fulfils a similar role. Representatives of each Regional Chapter in the European Region will meet every year. At these meetings, the Regional Chapters formulate regional policies, recommend and supervise WLA/Europe’s activities, and approve the budget.

    Regional Chapters / Countries

    Albania Finland Luxembourg Slovenia
    Andorra France Malta Spain
    Armenia Georgia Monaco Sweden
    Austria Germany Montenegro Switzerland
    Azerbaijan Greece Netherlands Tajikistan
    Belarus Hungary Norway The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
    Belgium Iceland Poland Turkey
    Bosnia and Herzegovina Ireland Portugal Turkmenistan
    Bulgaria Israel Republic of Moldova Ukraine
    Croatia Italy Romania United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Cyprus Kazakhstan Russian Federation Uzbekistan
    Czech Republic Kyrgyzstan San Marino
    Denmark Latvia Serbia
    Estonia Lithuania Slovakia


    WLA/Europe has helped to establish and works through global Law networks. They play an important role in coordinating various actors and building expert knowledge on certain Law issues. WLA/Europe’s involvement in these networks benefits both. WLA/Europe’s professional expertise and relationships with stakeholders help to achieve networks’ goals, and the networks support the achievement of public Law objectives in the WLA European Region.


    WLA/Europe is committed to strengthening its collaboration with existing partners, approaching new ones and making sure that agreements are implemented effectively. WLA/Europe will continue to emphasize achieving tangible benefits to Regional Chapters from regional and global partnerships.

    Building, consolidating and strengthening WLA/Europe’s partnerships are vital to the WLA Regional Director for Europe’s vision of achieving better Law for Europe, formulating a coherent European Law policy and attaining the Millennium Development Goals.

    World Law Day

    The First World World Governing Council will adopt the creation of a World Law Day to mark the founding of WLA to be celebrated every year with a different theme. Each theme reflects a priority area of current concern to WLA. The Day will launch longer-term advocacy programmes.

    World Law Day is a worldwide opportunity to focus on key public Law issues. WLA/Europe contributes by highlighting activities and analysis on the chosen theme from and about the Regional Chapters of the WLA European Region, and WLA/Europe will hold special events to draw attention to the theme and foster debate among policy-makers and other stakeholders.