Regional Formations

  • The Regional Chapters offer a unique opportunity for members to connect with colleagues, mentors, associates and other legal community members of their local area, sharpen their skills with CLE/CPD programs, and hone their leadership abilities through involvement in their local chapters. The WLA’s chapters are the backbone of the Association’s network. Becoming active in your chapter is an unparalleled way to stay engaged, informed and connected.

    Our rapidly expanding chapter network now numbers 20 chapters in 17 countries. These local clusters of WLA members provide local networking and collaboration opportunities, act as the focal point for local policy and field-building awareness work, and serve as a key distribution channel for our intellectual content.  World Law Alliance Chapters are organic and grassroots, with local Boards that guide local efforts within guidelines established by the global WLA office. WLA global staff develops products and services for chapter use and coordinates efforts across chapters.

Western Pacific


South-East Asia

Eastern Mediterranean



American Samoa Antigua and Barbuda Peru Bangladesh Bahrain Algeria Albania Latvia
Australia Argentina Saint Kitts and Nevis Republic of Korea Egypt Mali Andorra Lithuania
Brunei Darussalam Bahamas Trinidad and Tobago India Iraq Mauritius Armenia Luxembourg
Cambodia Belize United States of America Indonesia Islamic Republic of Iran Mozambique Austria Malta
China Venezuela Barbados Maldives Jordan Namibia Azerbaijan Monaco
Fiji Brazil Bermuda Myanmar Kuwait Nigeria Belarus Montenegro
Hong Kong (China) Canada Bolivia Nepal Morocco Rwanda Belgium Netherlands
Japan Chile Colombia Sri Lanka Oman Seychelles Bulgaria Norway
Macao (China) Costa Rica Cuba Thailand Pakistan Sierra Leone Croatia Poland
Malaysia Dominica Dominican Republic Qatar South Africa Cyprus Portugal
Mongolia Ecuador Guyana Saudi Arabia Swaziland Czech Republic Republic of Moldova
New Caledonia (France) Grenada Nicaragua Somalia Togo Denmark Romania
New Zealand Guatemala Paraguay Sudan Uganda Estonia Russian Federation
New Zealand Jamaica Puerto Rico Tunisia United Republic of Tanzania Finland San Marino
Philippines Mexico Saint Lucia United Arab Emirates Zambia France Serbia
Republic of Korea Netherland Antilles Uruguay Yemen Zimbabwe Georgia Slovakia
Samoa Panama Germany Slovenia
Singapore Greece Spain
Solomon Islands Hungary Sweden
Viet Nam Iceland Switzerland
Ireland Tajikistan
Israel Turkey
Italy Turkmenistan
Kazakhstan Ukraine
Kyrgyzstan United Kingdom

  • WLA’s Chapter Strategy

    A vibrant network of regional chapters is vital to our aim of helping communities reach its full potential as force for positive social change. Within our vision of a communities ecosystem, they play a key role.

    • They are a distribution channel for WLA’s intellectual capital that builds the field.
    • They are the driving force in mobilizing state and local public policy initiatives.
    • Collectively, they represent an aggregatable constituency for our global public policy initiatives.
    • They raise awareness of communities among local funders and corporate partners.
    • They expand local markets and procurement opportunities for communities.
    • They identify and assist many early stage communitiesrs who might not otherwise come to light.
    • They add substantial member value by satisfying members’ desire for local communities and networks of fellow communitiesrs.
    • They provide a global footprint for WLA that supports our field leadership role.
    • They provide rapid feedback and response on key communities queries and initiatives.
    • They attract new members to WLA.
  • How Chapters Support Member Value

    Chapters support our goal of making membership in WLA indispensable and accessible to anyone who self-identifies with the field. Local value is the third leg to the member value stool that also includes Direct Value and Collective Value.

    • Chapter members become part of close knit communities and networks of communitiesrs who learn from and support each other.
    • Chapter events provide opportunities for members to tour other enterprises and to have their own enterprises toured by others.
    • Chapters make connections to funders and corporate partners which benefit local members.
    • Chapters influence state and local policy in ways that benefit members.
    • Chapter members become recognized as leaders in the field within their communities.
    • Chapter members frequently find opportunities to do business with each other.
  • How WLA Supports Its Chapters

    WLA Chapters are typically started by a handful of local leaders in a local market that has a critical mass of WLA members or potential members. They are guided by strong local Boards that develop the unique identity of the Chapter.

    WLA supports their efforts through an evolving service model that is designed to maximize the local leaders’ ability to develop creative local programs, partnerships and initiatives while minimizing administrative burden effort.

    WLA’s global office includes a dedicated staff member who works exclusively on chapter services.
    World Law Alliance operates as a single not-for-profit entity, so all chapter activity can be transacted through a single, rather than multiple entities.

    A substantial portion of WLA membership revenues are returned to the Chapters. WLA maintains funds for all Chapters.
    In some Chapter markets, we have successfully procured major grants or partnerships that have been used to hire local staff or support specific local programs.

    • WLA has an aggressive and rapidly growing social media presence. We love to brag about our chapters and members through these channels.
    • We promote local events through an event submission portal on our popular website.
    • WLA is developing vehicles for regular communication with Chapter leaders including monthly calls/webinars, private online forums and task forces. Chapter leaders “test drive” many of our initiatives before we roll them out to members.
  • Chapter Leaders

  • The first world governing council of WLA is being constituted out of chapter leaders.

    Chapter Leader Positions


    If you have questions about these position descriptions, please contact your Regional Team.