WLA Mentoring Program

  • Finding a mentor is one of the most important things a new or growing professional can do in WLA.

  • Cultivating a mentor can be difficult – it takes finding the right person. One of the benefits of WLA is that you come across with people nearly every day who have achieved things – created new products, built businesses – that we would also like to achieve in the future. This means you also have a lot of opportunities for mentor-ship being a high-achiever, to share their lessons-learned with a young professionals, because doing so adds to their own fulfillment.

    During recent member survey interviews,a number of members spoke about mentoring and as a result a pilot scheme is being launched.The objective and focus of the WLA Mentoring Scheme is to help improve the performance of individuals in their role as professionals.

    A number of local highly experienced professionals have volunteered to be mentors and we envisage that being mentored will be of particular value to

    • Prospective and new lawyers.
    • Lawyers with limited experience who have joined a new establishment.
    • Professionals who find themselves unable to raise sensitive questions with fellow members and feel they would benefit from discussing them with someone who is independent and experienced.

    All applications and discussions between mentor and mentee will be in confidence. WLA members who are interested in being mentored or who would like more information are asked to contact us at mentors@worldlawalliance.com