Young Lawyers Division

In the first few years of your career you want all the help, advice and tips you can get. If you have been in practice for 10 years or less, you can’t afford to miss out on what WLA-YLD can deliver.

WLA-YLD features practical programs on a wide variety of topics. It offers excellent opportunities to meet both young and experienced lawyers, as well as judges, expand your network of contacts, and meet old friends and renew acquaintances.

What is the WLA-YLD?

The Young Lawyers Division (“WLA-YLD”) of the World Law Alliance is comprised of: All World Law Alliance members who have not reached their 37th birthday or All World Law Alliance members who are 37 or older and have been practicing less than three years. Membership in the WLA-YLD is automatic for attorneys who meet the criteria and have paid the regular annual dues as WLA members — there is no additional fee to be a member of the WLA-YLD.

How is the WLA-YLD Structured?

The WLA-YLD Executive Committee manages and directs the business and activities of the WLA-YLD’s members.  The Executive Committee is always looking for new ideas and projects. If you have an idea about how to improve the community or the practice of law, please contact any WLA-YLD Executive Committee member.

What does the WLA-YLD do?

The WLA-YLD is very active in both the law community and the international community. Throughout the year, members of the WLA-YLD are involved in numerous committees to develop programs that help children, the elderly, the disadvantaged, and many more.

Mentoring Program for New Lawyers

The WLA has launched a new mentoring program designed to respond to the growing trend of newly admitted lawyers opening solo practices. Beginning now, and running through Jan. 3, 2014, WLA members in their first three years of law practice may apply to be matched with a mentor. Participants will choose from a variety of curriculum topics, materials for which will be available on the WLA website.

The Young Lawyers Division operates through guidance by the WLA Executive Committee and Board of Directors and through dedicated service rendered by its members.

The WLA-YLD exists to help you become more involved in the global legal community! Not a member? Join now

WLA-YLD Pro Bono Opportunities

Welcome to the Pro Bono Opportunities section of the WLA-YLD. As members of The WLA we have a professional responsibility to render pro bono legal services to those in need.