• As a global organisation dedicated to help the law practice in delivering more effective and timely service that helps in easy access  to legal justice around the world. The World Law Alliance (WLA) is being chosen by several leading law associations and societies to lead a collaborative effort in support of advocacy programs across all the world’s regions.

  • The mission of the WLA Global Advocacy Initiative is to build support among key policymakers and other opinion leaders for increased resources for research and public education concerning the legal justice system and legal options.

    With effective advocacy, greater political will and enhanced global cooperation, law can be practiced and delivered more effectively across boundaries for the benefit of all humans and to secure a sustainable future for forthcoming generations. Our global and regional Advocacy leaders work to partner with international public policy experts that are critical to the success of our mission.

A global voice to express all views, WLA’s mandate is to articulate a vision of what advocacy means across different countries and cultures, and our organization should suggest workable models that can be adapted to various regional situations.

WLA will work closely with all others to create a program in support of its Global Advocacy mission that will launch in 2014. So far, several partners have committed cooperation and along with WLA. The agenda for the WLA Global Advocacy Initiative will be regionally and even culturally targeted, prioritizing those regions and cultures with the greatest need for legal awareness and advocacy.