Prof. Anthony M.W.E.R Eaton

LLM., MBA., JD., Dr.jur., DCL., DUniv. (H.C.), FCMI., FRSA., WLA Regional Chapter Leader

With over four decades of experience in the fields of international corporate and commercial law, including corporate structures and restructuring, Prof. Anthony M.W.E.R Eaton worked for almost sixteen years in the United States of America, both as an academic and practitioner. Based, at various times, in Washington D. C., New York, Los Angeles, Fort Worth and Las Vegas. Worked in the Caribbean (Turks and Caicos Islands) for three years.

He is the founder partner, in 1961, of InLaw (an international law alliance), converted to a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in 2003. The firm has associated law firms in 94 countries and is a member of the Association of European Lawyers (AEA). Attends as many conferences in special areas of interest as possible, attempting to keep abreast of the many and constant changes in international private law.

Degrees are held in both law and business from institutions in England, the USA and Italy and an honorary doctorate in law was presented by an institution in Eire.

Professional Memberships:

  • Fellow, Chartered Management Institute.
  • Fellow, Royal Society of Arts.
  • International Associate,American Bar Association.
  • Member, Society of English and American Lawyers.
  • Member, International Bar Association.
  • Member, London Court of International Arbitration.
  • Member, American Society of International Law.
  • Member, International Tax Planning Association.
  • Associate Member, Union Internationale des Avocats.
  • Professonal Member, Association of Certified Ant-money Laundering Specialists.

Prof. Anthony M.W.E.R Eaton., LLM., MBA., JD., Dr.jur., DCL., DUniv. (H.C.), FCMI., FRSA.

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