Neeraj Gupta

Chapter Leader - India

Neeraj is Founder & CEO at FormulateIP ( based in India and USA. Applying his business and technical background, Neeraj assists clients in protecting and expanding their domestic and international knowledge-based businesses using IP protection, licensing and strategic planning. Neeraj has played key role in developing and implementing intellectual property, business strategies and initiatives for many product and service based organizations. Neeraj has provided IP Portfolio Management Consulting to leading companies in different sectors in India and Abroad.

Neeraj is co-founder of PanIIT Mentors which is a Nation Building Initiative under PanIIT. IIT Mentors is a global mentorship program which is set up with simple goals of “Alumni helping Alumni” in a “Pay it forward” model.

Neeraj is co-founder at Excubator which provides guidance and support needed to entrepreneurs for building a successful entrepreneurial practice.

Neeraj is founding EC member of Federation of Indo-Israeli Chamber of Commerce (South).

Neeraj holds Bachelors of Technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Metallurgical and Material Sciences and Masters of Science Degree from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden in Scientific Computing and Mathematics.

Neeraj is senior mentor and visiting faculty in several engineering and MBA colleges. Neeraj is mentors and visiting faculty at Institute of Intellectual Property Studies (IIPS), Global Institute of Intellectual Property (GIIP) and National Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS). Neeraj had also severed as Secretary at Advanced Computing and Communication Society and co-chair at Global Shapers Forum India, which is World Economic Forum initiative. Neeraj also serves on the board of advisors of several organizations.