World Law Alliance Women’s Rights Initiative (“WLAWRI”)

  • Women’s rights around the world are an essential component of universal human rights and is an important indicator to understand global well-being.They reflect the fact that men and women have very different experiences – and the fact that women and girls often face gender-based discrimination that puts them at increased risk of poverty, violence, ill health and a poor education.

  • World Law Alliance Women’s Rights Initiative (“WLAWRI”) is the empowerment of women through law. This is based on the belief that law is an instrument of social change and can be used in different ways to further the constitutional and human rights of women.

    The WLAWRI provides legal inputs to the women’s movement. The WLAWRI through its experience of providing legal aid to survivors of sex based discrimination, violence, abuse and crimes, has realised the need to analyse the working of the laws and investigate ground realities when it comes to implementing laws relating to women. At the WLAWRI, our objective has always been to find out the efficacy and relevance of legislation and legal systems and recommend its better use, as well as to initiate and spearhead law reform processes, whenever required.

    Law reform recommendations are formulated by keeping in mind the lived realities of women. The recommendations put forth by the WLAWRI are directed not only towards recognising equality rights of women but also towards creating an enabling environment in which such rights can be asserted. The WLAWRI’s efforts in creating legal awareness are guided by the overall objective of empowering women.