• Awards, Grants and Scholarships

    To honor people and institutions, the World Law Alliance and its affiliated partners will shortly introduce the first year awards program that recognizes distinguished service to legal community.

  • WLA Speakers Bureau

    Become a Keynote and Public Speaker. Join the WLA Speakers Bureau and get speaking opportunities to raise your profile!

  • World Business Law Council

    The World Business Law Council is a catalyst for action, understanding and innovative business opportunities between member companies and the World Law Alliance.

  • WLA Legal aid Register

    WLA partners with legal aid organizations to promote collaboration and maximize their impact on justice issues,

  • Free Case Evaluation

    Confidential No Obligation free case evaluation to help you determine your legal options.

  • Collaborative Research Networks

    Collaborative Research Networks (CRNs) are to facilitate international research collaboration in the field of law. A CRN Coordinator will coordinate CRNs.

  • Knowledge Repository

    Submit, search, browse and exchange intellectual assets such as document drafts, research data, theses

  • Research, Benchmarks & Surveys

    Whether the focus is on industry averages, bench-marking statistics, or the latest workplace trends, WLA is an information leader for the profession.  From industry surveys to forecasting to bench-marking reports, WLA’s research draws on the practices and opinions of law professionals and educators, covering topics vital to the day-to-day operations of Law professionals and the […]

  • Advocacy

    A global voice to express all views, WLA’s mandate is to articulate a vision of what advocacy means across different countries and cultures, and our organization should suggest workable models that can be adapted to various regional situations. WLA will work closely with all others to create a program in support of its Global Advocacy […]

  • International Development Programs

    WLA initiates its plans to forge associations, and strategic collaborations with regional associations and organisations for legal and justice reform and capacity building projects in various countries.