Research Committee

The Research Committee monitors, evaluates, and encourages development of research-related informational, educational, and promotional activities for the association in coordination with the Publications, Professional Development, and Conference Committees and all other interest sections that may be involved in research activities.


The committee’s activities include maintaining and continuing the development of the WLA Research Agenda, strengthening relationships with other research-oriented organizations, ensuring that WLA research activities meet professional standards for quality, and identifying and prioritizing future research-related projects.


Committee members work with interested member groups to recommend new projects. Members maintain communication with other constituencies in WLA, encouraging their input on matters pertinent to the committee’s charge. The committee also recommends new products and services to the Professional Development Committee, the Book Publications Committee, and the conference program chair that are needed to support ongoing initiatives.


Members should be knowledgeable about the field of law, the emerging needs of the program level they represent, and current developments in linguistics and educational research.

Leadership, 2013-2014

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