Publications Committee

The Book Publications Committee acquires and reviews books and book series that support WLA’s mission and needs. Members of the committee identify themes or areas of interest suitable for publication, given WLA’s mandate, structure, and market position. They then identify authors and editors who can contribute quality manuscripts.

The committee seeks works that are of high quality, appealing to its members, representative of current practice in WLA, and beneficial to WLA’s image.


Committee members are expected to participate actively in evaluating manuscripts, suggesting qualified reviewers, and offering guidance to authors throughout the year. The committee also meets regularly with their WLA staff liaison to monitor the progress of books in the pipeline, and during the annual convention to evaluate the previous year’s achievement and set a course for the coming year.


Committee members are expected to know publications in the field of WLA, have a background in WLA, Be able to read and evaluate manuscripts critically and offer suggestions for improvement, be familiar with the process of writing for publication or with selecting professional books, know the needs of other members of the profession.

Leadership, 2013-2014

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For more information, please visit the Book Publications Committee’s page.