Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) identifies professional development needs based on issues and developments in English language teaching as well as membership feedback and surveys. Based on its findings, the committee recommends specific programs and oversees their implementation. The committee also evaluates the effectiveness of each program and provides general oversight of WLA’s professional development programs for the board of directors.


The work of the PDC centers on managing five portfolios that represent a range of professional development opportunities for WLA members. They include preconvention institutes, academies, online professional development and distance education, leadership development, and symposia. The committee also serves as liaison to the board on professional development task forces.


Committee members must attend the annual convention and fully participate in all official meetings of the committee.  Committee members are also actively involved in specific portfolios and subcommittee tasks, and communicate frequently to meet deadlines throughout the year. Committee members advocate for WLA’s professional development programs. They also review the needs assessment, conceptual development, integration, and evaluation of all WLA’s professional development activities.


Committee members should  have background and experience in providing training programs, other kinds of professional development programs, or both.

Leadership, 2013-2014


Board Liaison:
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For more information, please visit the Professional Development Committee page.