Nominating Committee

Committee members participate in annually developing at least a double slate of candidates for association elections that reflect the Association’s Diversity Plan, inform all candidates and appointees of the duties and responsibilities of office and are available to meet (via conference call or in person) as often as necessary to assure a sound nomination process. They work closely with their Division Director and are a member of their division’s steering committee. Chair is responsible for the leadership and coordination of the committee, to ensure it fulfills its responsibilities and providing quarterly committee reports to the Board of Directors, as well as filing of required election documents to the WLA national office.

The Nomination Process

Complete the Online Nomination Form for Elective Office. Upon receipt of the nomination form, nominees will then be asked to
complete and submit a Candidate Biographical Form to provide the committee with additional information about the prospective candidate.
For more information about leadership opportunities please contact your local committee Representative.


Members maintain communications with the chair, with most of these communications being held in the first half of the calendar year. The bulk of the committee’s work is done in June and July and members must be available for a series of conference calls during that time. Members participate in all committee conference call meetings and attend meetings at the annual convention.


Members must be WLA members in good standing for at least four of the previous ten years and familiar with the WLA organization. Familiarity with WLA is demonstrated by strong service to WLA within the past six years. Such service includes one or more of the following:

  • active membership in a standing committee, task force, or special project
  • past service on the board of directors
  • leadership in one or more of the WLA professional involvement
  • Expression of Interest Form