Awards Committee

The Awards Committee coordinates the review and selection for WLA awards and grants that have been approved by the WLA Board of Directors, except the Presidents’ Award. Committee members work with WLA staff to publicize WLA awards and grants and assist in raising money for WLA’s General Awards Fund. The president may charge the committee with additional related responsibilities.


Committee members are expected to attend the annual convention and participate in all committee sessions. These meetings include one all-day session prior to the opening of the convention. In addition, each member agrees to announce award and grant recipients at a major convention session. During the year, members agree to coordinate an award, a grant, or a special effort.

Coordination activities include

  • recruiting volunteers to assist members in carrying out their designated duties
  • serving as an award reviewer or reader (and in some cases as a tiebreaker)
  • administering the award review process
  • serving as a liaison between the committee and selected WLA members, staff, and external groups

Although the committee is active throughout the year, it conducts the majority of its work between late September and the middle of December, because award deadlines and decisions occur during this time. Committee members are expected to write a report on their adjudication process and keep updated documents in the committee’s library .


Committee membership is open to any member of WLA. Special consideration, however, is given to members who can attend the annual convention and who have expressed an interest in serving on the committee. To the extent possible, the committee seeks to represent the diversity of WLA by including members from different geographic regions, program levels, racial groups, and ethnolinguistic backgrounds.

Leadership, 2013-2014

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