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WLA is a multinational network of firms operating as partnerships under the WLA brand.

A centrally managed, co-branded, and technologically integrated network of top-notch boutiques and/or “alternative” law firms offering regional influence and global power – driving value, efficiency, and an integrated global delivery capability.

We are an integrated, centrally managed global alliance of leading firms working together with modern systems to provide clients with access to the knowledge, experience, skills and resources they need to thrive on a global scale and to help businesses navigate the toughest legal, social and political challenges around the world.

We stay absolutely current on changing global market trends in order to offer clients an effective and seamless advisory experience that incorporates sound legal advice from reputed firms in diverse practice areas equipped to effectively resolve any challenge associated with doing business internationally.

WLA members stand by our values of collaboration, strong ethics, a deep respect for confidentiality, mutual trust, honesty and friendship.

Clients rely on WLA Resources and Credible Advisors for world-class advisory services, counsel on complex transactional work and high-stakes resolution of disputes.

WLA Governance, Management and Approach



World Law Alliance WLA is governed by a Board of Directors, represented mostly by the membership. The Board’s role is to ensure that WLA establishes and maintains the trust of its members, is prudent and ethical in its activities, and is accountable for its actions. The Board meetings focus on planning, policy-making, and assessing the progress of our mission.

WLA is governed by Bylaws which provide the framework needed for WLA operations and governance.

Management & Approach


WLA firms deliver international services through industry, regional and working groups located in major commercial centers throughout the world.

Global Industry Group Heads: Industry Group heads are responsible for the development and profitability of their Industry Groups.

Regional Group Heads: Each region to be headed by a Regional Head to oversee the regions strategy and success.

Global Executive Board: To oversee the Global business objectives

All these heads jointly become responsible for the overall management and growth of WLA.

WLA Industry Groups


WLA Industry Group is designed to anticipate and address business needs of clients operating in each specific industry sector.

Each WLA industry group draws upon experts from around the world to pool their industry expertise and develop perspectives, resources and capabilities to serve best solutions to clients. The industry-focused partners in each firm join the industry group to make a locally strong and globally focused industry group.

WLA industry group leaders are responsible for profitability and utilization of these industry groups and are part of the Global Executive Board and may also be the equity holder in the WLA.

WLA Organizational Structure

WLA is geographically organised in following regions:


  • WLA Europe
  • WLA Middle East
  • WLA North America
  • WLA South America
  • WLA Asia Pacific
  • WLA Africa
  • WLA Oceania


Each region operate with unique dedicated management group and working committee, led by a Regional Leader who is part of the Global Executive Board and may also be the equity holder in the WLA.

The majority of member firm’s partners jointly govern WLA through global executive board or regional committees. The ownership structure among members is defined in the WLA bylaws and also explained on this page below.

Working Groups


WLA working groups are normally formed in response to specific needs of clients and managed collaboratively by WLA members.

Members are responsible for group development, its purpose, implementing new client driven initiatives and ensuring the highest quality standards of the Alliance.

WLA Knowledge Network


WLA Knowledge Network is established as an independent knowledge resource to improve understanding of member firms and their clients.

WLA Structure Explained

Around the world, WLA member firms operate and provide legal services to clients as separate legal entities under the common brand of WLA.

‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’, a global law firm network, is the global initiative and law firm brand of Federation of Integrated Conflict Management, FICM, a not-for-profit company registered in India.

‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’ is the name and brand under which the members of WLA and their respective affiliates provide services around the world.

The members of ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’ are not legal partners with each other.

‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’ does not provide legal or other services to clients. Rather, its purpose is to act as a coordinating entity for its members.

References on this website to ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’, ‘law firm’ and ‘legal practice’ are to the members of ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’ and their respective affiliates (together the ‘WLA entities’ and each a ‘WLA entity’) or (as the context requires) the WLA entities collectively.

The word ‘partner’ is used to refer to a member, partner or person with equivalent standing and qualifications in any ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’ entity.

Each ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’ member and its respective affiliates provide legal services in particular jurisdictions, and each of them is subject to the laws and professional regulations of the particular country or countries in which it has established offices.

Information about the name of clients and the nature of the work done for clients will be shared with other ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’ entities for the purpose of conflict check.

The other global initiatives of FICM around international cross-border dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration and other innovative ADR systems are also part of ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’ with an objective of making it a comprehensive cooperative of services for clients around the world.

This website contains general information and, although ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’ endeavors to ensure that the content is accurate and up-to-date, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to its accuracy or completeness and therefore the information on this website should not be relied upon. Users should always seek appropriate legal advice from a suitably qualified lawyer before taking, or refraining from taking, any action. The contents of this website should not be construed as legal or other professional advice and ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’ disclaims liability for any loss, howsoever caused, arising directly or indirectly from reliance on the information on this website.

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