The World Law Alliance is an integrated, interdependent global association of Legal Profession in the making. A worldwide law cooperative governed and sustained by its members.

  • But you must be wondering, what are we here for? When there are already many organisations to take care of – what associations actually ought to take care of.

  • We are here to break that conventional wisdom. We are here to challenge the status quo. We are here to do what others are not doing and to do things differently and effectively, what others are doing. We are not an old league association. We are an association for the new world, for the thinkers of the new world, for the creators of the new world, and for all those who are a part of this new world. We are World Law Alliance.

    At the core of our existence is the passion for law. Each day we realise our passion that comes from innovation in the administration and practice of Law, world over.

  • We are a Not-for-Profit organization – But our Members Are ‘For Profit’.

  • We know this very well, and that is why our energies are worked up to see how our members keep growing, keep developing, keep learning, and keep sustaining the challenges brought about by the change every day, to create value, to create more wealth and to create a world that is happier and safer to live.

  • Yes, we are not your Voice – In fact all our members collective voice is our Voice.

  • At the core of everything we do, is our member, who is part of every debate that drives reforms, that influences the opinion of the policy makers and of the public at large. Our  guiding principles expressed in our Vision and Mission come from each member of our organisation.

    We are a cause-driven organization. Because of our compelling cause, a growing number of Chapters and members have chosen to join the World Law Alliance to share our mission and to promote the cause of law around the world.

  • No we do not regulate the profession – Our expressions will set the agenda and the benchmark for the regulators world over.

  • And that is the power of pure thinking – called raw thinking, or you can call it – Innovation. We Collectively Practice Innovation.

  • No we are not here to guide the profession – we are here to create an ecosystem that will guide us all in unison.

  • We are here to complement assistance across sensitive ethical and compliance issues and help you comply with your professional development obligations.

  • No we just don’t unite the legal profession. We are a symbol  of unity, integrity and dependability for the world to witness.

  • We unite the profession, helping members across the world stay in touch with legal developments and with fellow solicitors through a range of publications, networking opportunities and regional law societies.

  • No we just do not support our members. We support them, when they need it the most – for their Personal or Professional life.  We are a second family to them all.

  • We provide a wide range of services to our members to assist them in their professional and personal lives, so that they can provide a better service to their clients and communities at large and uphold the integrity and pride of the profession.

  • Bottom-up or Top-Down – Our governance policy will always win.

  • Because we are governed by you, by all of you, by all our members.

  • Our members are experts and leaders in law in one form or another. And those who are not, will become soon.

  • Because, leadership is what drives WLA agenda. And leadership is what will keep it alive.

  • No we are not just global – we are represented in over 100 regional chapters all over the world and several councils.

  • We are partnering with hundreds of regional, national and international bodies and institutions.

  • Being a part of WLA is not just about sense of Pride for our members – Its about empowerment, fulfillment, happiness, sense of security and above all  SUCCESS.

  • More and more professionals want to join WLA, not because they find tangible benefits. But more so because they will find Pride to be a part of WLA, where every action is driven by passion and innovation.


No we do not work to raise professional standards all over the world – We just work and the standards are set.

  • Finally, you must be wondering, how we support our activities.

  • Now here it is – We begun with a seed fund from our founders and that will be enough to carry out activities of the first year.  and now we are in process of finding ourselves inundated with a lot of fund coming from our members, partners and sponsors. One-third of WLA operating revenue is expected to come from its Membership Programs and contributions. The other two-thirds is made up of subscriptions and licensing fees from various WLA services and online tools.

Get actively involved with the WLA. and see the Change. To join please CLICK HERE